Success of our Collaboration Workshop

Science Communication, Networking, and Time Management

Photo by Amanda Gonzalez Bengtsson

Together with 5 fellow PhD students at Stockholm University we organized a workshop concentrating on something that we felt was missing in our PhD training - the skill of initiating and managing collaborations.

To succeed in the academic world, PhD students should engage in collaborative projects and create a network of contacts. Not only do collaborations and networking improve a PhD student’s competitiveness and reputation, but they also increase the number of publications.

Networking, approaching respected researchers at conferences, and starting cross-disciplinary collaborations are skills often neglected in the PhD education. The ability to communicate one’s research is generally required not only within the scientific circles, but also considering the general public and journalists. Finally, successfully started collaborations and the sheer amount of organisational tasks that come along with them can be overwhelming to becoming scientists. Practising time management early on in one’s career is thus an asset that should not be overlooked.

To help PhD students increase their chances of being successful and continue with their academic careers, we organized a workshop, where invited speakers used panel discussions, lectures, and practical sessions to explain how to improve the above-mentioned skills.

The workshop spanned over the course of three days and covered three parts: Science Communication, Networking, and Time Management. Lectures and exercises were delivered by a very skillful set of 9 instructors.

And the effort seemed highly appreciated by all participants. In the post-workshop survey we've got a super positive feedback, with a satisfcation rate of 4.6 out of 5 and 89% of participants evaluating their experience as fulfilling their expectations.

“This course felt like something I would have wanted when I started here. Please make it for all PhD students.”

Some praise from the post-workshop survey

If you would like to find out more, you can find a description of the exercises, list of instructors, schedule, and other information on the workshop website