Interview on the Slightly Evolved Podcast

We scientists love to talk about our research, so when Toby Fountain contacted me and invited me to his evolutionary-themed podcast, I gladly accepted.

It was my first experience with a podcast, and also with being interviewed in general. Although I've realized there's a lot I need to work on in terms of research communication skills, the podcast experience was much less painful than I expected. Credit for that probably goes to Toby, who is a really good host. The only painful part was listening to my voice when I played it now (is it just me or does everybody hate listening to their voice?).

We talked about my first steps in academia, how I've got from studying tropical squirrels to ancient DNA and the woolly mammoth, how can an extinct species help us with conservation, what I think about de-extinction, and what I do when I'm not doing research.

If you are interested in learning about these things, put on your headphones and press play. And don't forget to check out The Slightly Evolved Podcast. Despite being a complete podcast novice, I've got pretty intrigued by this science podcast, especially with the really nice selection of guests.